Over the past years, NBCOT has received countless invitations to present and/or exhibit at state meetings and other similar events. We have been able to respond favorably to some of these invitations, but not all. In 2019, we embarked on a new volunteer-driven initiative – the NBCOT Ambassador Program. The purpose of this program is to enhance our opportunity to increase our presence at state-level events to provide information about initial certification and certification renewal and amplify the exchange of information about our products and services.

The Ambassador Program enables us to have OTR® and COTA® certificants represent NBCOT at the events that we are unable to attend. Our ambassadors provide their OT community with the opportunity to ask questions and send suggestions directly to NBCOT. They assist us with environmental scanning and keep us up to date on the issues impacting practice in their home states.

Meet Our Current Ambassadors

We launched our program in 2020 in 15 states, but because of the cancellation of in-person events due to COVID-19, you may not have seen an ambassador in your state yet. We encourage you to talk with our ambassadors at events, as they are excited to learn from you. The program will continue to grow in 2021, with more states being added by year-end.

Chris Eidson headshot

Chris Eidson, OTR

Roxanne Arneaud headshot

Roxanne Arneaud, OTR
District of Columbia

Mel Henderson headshot

Mel Henderson, OTR

Gwendolyn Pearl headshot

Gwendolyn Pearl, OTR

Dale Lynn headshot

Dale Lynn, OTR

Vanessa Hughes headshot

Vanessa Hughes, COTA

Wendi Guillitte headshot

Wendi Guillette, OTR
New Hampshire

Karen Meastas headshot

Karen Mestas, OTR
New Mexico

Chris Alterio headshot

Chris Alterio, OTR
New York

Bill Walsh headshot

William Walsh, OTR
North Carolina

Brad Sibla headshot

Brad Sibla, COTA
North Dakota

Linda Smith headshot

Linda Smith, OTR

Janine Turner headshot

Janine Turner, OTR
South Carolina

David McGuire headshot

David McGuire, OTR

Beth Cardell headshot

Beth Cardell, OTR