NBCOT’s free tool, JEDI Reflection Points, launched earlier this year and has been used by thousands of individuals who joined us in our journey to better understand, experience, and accept differences so we can continue to work together to make our world a better place.

Since our last newsletter, three more modules have been released for anyone to utilize. There is no sign-in required, and the modules are open for all to use. It is a safe space to self-reflect on your own thoughts and assumptions.

Inclusion & Exclusion

Observe two different accounts of being excluded and self-reflect on a time when you experienced exclusion or excluded someone else.

Diversity in the Workplace

Observe an individual speaking to senior management about diversity in their workplace.


Observe a marginalization-related incident that occurs in the workplace.

Equality vs. Equity

Learn and reflect about the differences between equality and equity.

We hope you make time to self-reflect, learn, and grow by visiting J·E·D·I Reflection Points.