Certified OTs in Action

Occupational therapists are making a difference in the workplace, their communities, and in the lives of the patients and clients they serve. NBCOT is proud to share the stories of these OTRs and COTAs who demonstrate practice excellence and continue to innovate and impact the profession. Check back often to meet more distinguished occupational therapists and assistants.

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OTR’s Personal and Professional Experiences Inspire Improved NICU Stays for Infants and Parents

March 22nd, 2021|Tags: , , , |

As a mother with first-hand experience of having children in the NICU, Dr. Bobbi Pineda has dedicated years of research and program development to improve not only the developmental outcomes of high-risk infants but also the overall experience for families who have a child in the NICU.

OTR’s Assessment Tool Shows Improving Patient Handling Leads to Better and Safer Outcomes for Patients and Care Providers

March 19th, 2021|Tags: , , |

Teresa Boynton, an OTR from Colorado, developed the Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool (BMAT) so nurses could better determine patients’ current mobility status and safely handle them.

OTR’s Innovative Approach Unites Occupational Therapy With 12-Step Recovery Model

March 5th, 2021|Tags: , , |

While working as an occupational therapist in an outpatient dual diagnosis clinic (mental illness and substance use), Dr. Pat Precin noticed a gap in services­—living skills were being taught without regard to an individual’s substance use.

Custom Interventions and Home Care Approach Produce Powerful Outcomes for OT Clients

February 22nd, 2021|Tags: , , |

After spending more than 20 years as an occupational therapist, Carol Garner-Houston knew there had to be a better approach to care for families struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders. She co-founded Brain Harmony and assembled a team committed to helping families gain individualized, one-to-one access to care.

Occupational Therapy Program Helps Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder Channel Skills Into Creative Pursuits

February 9th, 2021|Tags: , , |

Many parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often recognize their child’s love of creativity but do not know how to foster those efforts for future successes. Amy Mason, an OTR and NBCOT Innovation Award winner, knew that occupational therapy (OT) could be a bridge to connecting dreams to reality.

A Pioneer, Advocate, Educator, and Policy Influencer in Occupational Therapy and Telehealth

February 9th, 2021|Tags: , , |

For many of us—as occupational therapy practitioners or as patients—2020 marked our first experiences with telehealth. For Dr. Jana Cason, an OTR and NBCOT Impact Award winner, a decade’s worth of hard work was suddenly in the spotlight and in very high demand.

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